Top Ten Questions About Applying for CMPD


Sergeant Candice Fogey and Officer Stephen Todd recently joined Captain Brad Koch for the Dec. 22, 2020, episode of CMPD’s Recruiters on Your Computer. Here are the top questions they get asked about applying to work for CMPD. Learn more and apply today.

  1. How long does it take to become an officer?
    Approximately eight to 16 weeks, depending upon when you make it to, and through, the Police Academy (classes run in February, June and October). Remember, you can apply anytime!

  2. How old do you have to be to apply?
    You can be 20 to apply and enter the Academy. You must be 21 to be sworn in as an officer.

  3. How tight is the background check?
    The background check is very thorough, so be honest about what we will find. We would rather know ahead of time. We’re not looking for perfect people, we are looking for people who demonstrate honesty and integrity. You can actually apply if you have an expunged record.

  4. Do you get paid to go to the Police Academy?
    Yes and you get paid weekly. You also get medical and dental benefits.

  5. Do officers get paid more if they know a foreign language?
    Yes, if you pass the proficiency exam in Spanish or American Sign Language, you will make more once you exit the Police Academy.

  6. Do you need a college degree?
    You do not need any experience to be a police officer. All you need is a high school diploma or GED. While you can make more money with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, it is not required. 

  7. Will working for CMPD forgive my college debt?
    As a public servant, you are eligible for loan forgiveness after 10 years of employment.

  8. Can you apply before your current military service ends?
    While some branches of the military will allow you to leave early, we recommend waiting to apply no more than six months before your exit date. Learn more about CMPD and military recruitment.

  9. Does it help if you have your NC BLET certification?
    Those who have been certified by the state of North Carolina in Basic Law Enforcement Training, or BLET, can be part-time officers, campus police, or work for the DMV or Alcohol Beverage Control. If you have your NC BLET certification, you may be appropriate for Intermediate Entry, which expedites the time you spend in the Academy. 

  10. If you are currently a sworn officer in another city or state, how long would it take me to become an officer?
    If you have served as a sworn officer for two years or more, you can join CMPD as a Lateral Entry after an abbreviated four-week Academy. If you are a sworn officer but have served in your department for less than two years, intermediate entry is a great way to join CMPD. The Academy is 10 weeks long, still shorter than the standard Academy for police trainees.


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